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Legacy Data Centre Connections

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    As advised by our security vendor, we will be making some additional network changes to troubleshoot the firewall firmware bug further. Therefore we are advising of the below maintenance window for the t-mac platform.

    During this maintenance window there will be intermittent periods of up to 5 minutes when access to the t-mac web portal, notifications and device communication will become unavailable and any data flows temporarily delayed.

    Maintenance Window

    Date: 12th August 2021
    Start Time:
    ย 17:30 (UK)
    End Time: 18:00 (UK)

    The maintenance window has now closed and was completed as planned.ย 

    We'll continue working with our security vendor in relation to this firmware bug, further updates will provided in due course.

    We're pleased to announce that this has now been resolved.

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